An Excerpt from MOLLY LEE the Sequel to REDEMPTION

Going to be fantastic sequel!!

Andrew Joyce


That’s the way things stood for the next month. Business increased a little, partly due to my promoting myself as The Spicy Lady and partly because the snows had come. The miners could not work and had to sit on their claims throughout the winter or someone would take them over. I heard that last year a few miners had left for the winter and when they came back someone was sitting on their claims. It led to a little gun play with the one that was faster on the draw ending up with the mine. So with the miners not mining, there was nothing for them to do but go to a saloon and warm their insides with whiskey or their outside with one of the whores . . . or both.

I had made no progress with John Stone. He was always polite enough, but that’s as far as it went. It was…

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