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Danny and the Toad

Even though ye be little, ye be fierce! And so handsome and talented too! So, Danny, although you be canine and not quite as evolved as moi, being feline, I am happy to reblog your touching story…nicely played!

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Danny and the Toad

Danny Bath 02Danny the Dog here with another tale of lust and depravity—oh wait, that’s Andrew’s bailiwick. Andrew, for the few of you who don’t know, is my human who believes himself to be a writer. My stories have to do with the finer things in life. Such as rolling on the grass, sniffing where another dog has peed, and most important of all, hot dogs.

Today’s story has to do with an incident that took place almost ten years ago when I was just a pup, so to speak. What reminded me of it was something that happened this morning while I was walking Andrew.

It was still dark out; we were in the park, and I caught the scent of something vaguely familiar. I put my snoot to the ground and tried to search it out. Andrew stood there tapping his foot and saying, “Come on…

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Zoe Adopts a Human

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Zoe Adopts a Human

I’ve been telling you, my dear friends and fans, about a few of my adventures over the past couple of months. I’d like to tell you now the story about my adoption and let you in on a little secret.

To those who may not be familiar with me and my earlier prose, my name is Zoe. Emily is my human. The title of this adventure tells the real story, although I allow Emily to think that she adopted me.

I was sitting in my cage at the animal shelter. That’s what you humans call it–a shelter–but we residents call it home. The shelter may not be a “home sweet home” type of residence, but it was comfortable enough. We had a roof over our heads, one square a day, and loads of other felines to play or argue with. What more could any feline…

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Barnes & Noble’s Dirty Little Secret: Author Solutions and Nook Press

David Gaughran

NookPressAuthorSolutionsNook Press – Barnes & Noble’s self-publishing platform – launched a selection of author services last October including editing, cover design, and (limited) print-on-demand.

Immediate speculation surrounded who exactly was providing these services, with many – including Nate Hoffelder, Passive Guy, and myself – speculating it could be Author Solutions. However, there was no proof.

Until now.

A source at Penguin Random House has provided me with a document which shows that Author Solutions is secretly operating Nook Press Author Services. The following screenshot is taken from the agreement between Barnes & Noble and writers using the service.


You will see that the postal address highlighted above for physical submission of manuscripts is “Nook Press Author Services, 1663 Liberty Drive, Bloomington, Indiana.”

Author Solutions, Bloomington, Indiana. Image courtesy of Wikimedia, uploaded by Vmenkov, CC BY-SA 3.0 Author Solutions, Bloomington, IN. Image from Wikimedia, by Vmenkov, CC BY-SA 3.0

There’s something else located at that address: Author Solutions US headquarters in Bloomington…

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