A = Acadia National Park

Nice post…love Maine! I’ve been to Bar Harbor (took a sunset sail there, gorgeous!) but, inexcusably and inexplainable, not to Acadia. Yet. It’s in my future, but I really want to see it in the Fall. Thanks, Noelle for the reminder!


Welcome to my tour of Maine. If these posts don’t make you want to visit, then I’m not doing a great job… Be sure to click on the pictures to see the gorgeous vistas.

Map of Acadia National ParkAcadia National Park, one of the most beautiful of our national parks, is a place Rhe and Will, two of the main characters in my Rhe Brewster series, would definitely have camped and hiked.

Created in 1919, Acadia National Park was originally named Lafayette National Park I honor of the Marquis de Lafayette, but the name was changed in 1929 to honor the former French colony of Acadia, which once included Maine. The park attained federal status during the presidency of Woodrow Wilson and came under the aegis of the National Park Service on February 26, 1919, when the name was changed. It covers most of the Mount Desert Island and smaller islands around it off…

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