Thank You! This is for You.

Hey Ali, first I love the book cover! Very pretty and it would seem to go with the genre. Thank YOU for the free story! I’m downloading it now and look forward to reading it. I may even share it with my human, Emily. Speaking that name reminds me…are’t you the writer doing a story about a cat named Zoe adopted by a girl named Emily? You know we are dying to read that!!


Letting Go Coverjpeg (2)In Monday’s post, I said that something wonderful was about to happen, at least for me. Well, it happened… today.

I had a little message from WordPress congratulating me on my 500th follower! That’s a big deal for me. When I started this blog just over two years ago, I had no idea what to write about, or if anyone would even be interested.

I posted my first blog post on 19th December 2012… it got no likes or comments at all until last year! Since then, I’m happy to say things have picked up a little. My most popular blog post since I started is still Hy-Brasil | Mysterious Lost Island of Irish Mythology.

But the best thing about blogging is getting to know all of you! Many of you take the time not only to read my posts, but to like, Tweet and comment on them…

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