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A Cautionary Comic for Writers…


Today, I’d like to welcome an unexpected visitor who just dropped in – literally…

Intriguing post. And I love short stories, so I’ll be checking into this one. Thanks, Chris!

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

She’s just gathering up her parachute.

Ah here she is at last – Ladies, Gentlemen and all my fellow creatures, may I introduce the lovely Lisa Burton…

It IS OK to say that about a female Robot isn’t it Lisa?


Of course it is Chris, I’ve never spoken with an ape before.

You’re much bigger than I thought you would be.

I mean, we’ve had aliens and witches, demons and ghosts over to the writing cabin, but never an ape.

You’ll have to come visit us some day.

I’d be honoured Lisa 😀

Tell me, what brings you to my neck of the forest?

I’m here because Craig has a new book out. It’s on pre-order, and will deliver on September 15th.

He writes all his books as C. S. Boyack. I suppose he thinks it’s authorly, or something.

What’s it’s title and what’s it about?

The new book…

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Got this email from Danny the Dog…

Danny, you are such a sweet thing! I’ll check out her site, thanks for passing it on!

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Dear Mr. Ape,

This girl is just starting out her book blog and she has only has 27 followers.

In fact, she is so new and naive, she interviewed Andrew…

But WHO would ever want to read THAT.

Anything we can do to get her a little exposure?

She’s better looking than you ( and way younger), so you may not want the competition..,

ANYWAY, To make life easier for everyone, all you need to do is click on Becky’s photo, Blog Header or link provided below.

Becky Babble


Thanking you in advance, we remain very truly yours,

Danny the Dog, Extraordinaire & Esq. (and Andrew!)


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