Why We Can’t See Our Tpyos

Graet artilce and yup! I cuaght all tne!!! meooooow

Myths of the Mirror

Did you see it?

The spelling mitsake in the tilte of this post?

Here’s how our amzaing brains igonre poor spelling:  


Our brains are increidbly vesratile.

No more stressing abuot tpyos!

Did you catch all 10 of my tpyos?

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One thought on “Why We Can’t See Our Tpyos

  1. Hey Zoe, Pinky the Cat here. My human told me to say thanks for the reblog, but I want to give a meow of congratulations too. Our brave humans did a good job with the Ape’s challenge. By the way, what is it with all the blogging animals? Someday the humans will learn that we rule the world. Gotta go scratch door. I can’t resist the urge to go outside and scratch the door to come in :-).

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