Writing a chain story together – your turn

Fun challenge and great “entries”! A group of musician friends and I used to write chain songs and it was a blast. 🙂


I’m not teaching at the moment – I said goodbye to the funny, talented and very creative class on Beach Hut Writing Academy’s course Write a Prize Winning Story last week.

I am already missing the whiteboard and the pleasure of sharing language and story and the zaps of surprise that other people’s imagination spring on you. So, to help me feel less homesick, I hope you will join with me in writing a story together.
Short story image
The rules

The story starts with my opening below.
You can ignore the photograph above.

I’ll try to find an ending late on Sunday November 15th (unless someone beats me to it and comes up with something brilliant).  You fill in the rest. Maximum TWO sentences at a time.

You can have as many turns as you like but they can’t be consecutive – in other words you have to wait for someone else…

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