Zoe’s Valentine

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Zoe’s Valentine

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Hello from Zoe the Fabulous Feline! I’ve decided to allow my human, Emily, to co-write this month’s story. We offer our collaborative effort in honor of the upcoming holiday. Before we get to the story, though, we’d like to wish you all a lovely Valentine’s Day!

To prove to Emily that writing is actually work, I assigned her the background research, and since our offering this month is a tribute to the month most celebrated by lovers, she has researched St. Valentine. Yours Truly—that would be moi—has penned a love song which should be a “purrfect” ending to this story. And speaking of “story,” let’s get to it.


Valentine was a third century Roman priest who lost his head to love—more or less–courtesy of Emperor Claudius II Gothicus, also known as Claudius the Cruel.

It’s been said that St. Valentine was martyred during the time Claudius…

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