Five Star Treatment – Secrets and Lies in El Salvador – Shelly’s Journey by Sherrie Miranda

Great reviews of a book I’m about to purchase!

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Today a book about war-torn El Salvador and a woman escaping from her own trauma to bring help to the refugees of this dreadful civil conflict.


About the Book

Shelly Dalton Smith goes to war-torn El Salvador to escape from trauma and family secrets but also in the hope of helping the refugees of a brutal civil war.

As she photographs her host family and the people at the refugee center, she learns the many secrets and lies that must be told when one’s country is at war. Shelly falls in love with an American fighting with the guerrillas, forcing her to decide whether to put her own life in danger to help expose the truth of this horrible war.

This is a love story in every sense: love between a woman and the country she has learned so much from and the romantic love that is seen between several…

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