Zoe’s Pet Peeve

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Zoe’s Pet Peeve

Zoe Prof PicHello from the Land of Zen! I, Zoe, the Fabulous Feline, am here today to enlighten you about something that is actually a pet peeve of mine. Yes, I know—and you know—that I am normally so <ahem> even-tempered, but I go catallistic about this particular topic.

And here it is . . . my one major pet peeve: The misuse of my favorite word, “bombastic.” Talking heads on television get it wrong. Elitists who write for pretentious periodicals get it wrong. Everybody gets it wrong. They think that because it starts with “bomb,” it must mean loud, boisterous, or clamorous. Not so, says this Fabulous Feline.

Bombastic means speech or writing that is inflated . . . high-sounding, but with little meaning. In other words, pompous, pretentious—and phony, if I were to use my own word in conjunction with Mr. Webster’s.

Here’s an interesting factoid relevant to…

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