RESOLUTION $0.99 For Three Days Only (What a Deal)!!!

A must read book, for $.099?? Get in on this sweet deal!

6 thoughts on “RESOLUTION $0.99 For Three Days Only (What a Deal)!!!

    • Oh, by the way, I really should add a more serious note…it really IS a great story. Andrew’s background research is so evident, that I felt like I was right there in the Yukon, breaking my back panning for gold, and then I was right there in the glacial wilderness, fighting to survive. (OK, OK, Emily says to be honest and tell you that was how she felt when SHE read it. Says I am “just a cat” and “after all, nobody is going to believe you read that book”….I say, harumph!)

  1. Somebody someplace here asked what happened to Tom Sawyer’s brother, Sid. I can fill in that blank: Sid Sawyer was kissing his teacher’s butt one day when they were interrupted by a gang of suspicious-looking Chinese people. The Chinese snatched young Sawyer and carried him off to the jungles of Peru, where his head was shrunken while the rest of him was eaten by savages and never heard from again.

    That’s all right, Andrew. You’re perfectly welcome.


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