Zoe and The Bard

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Zoe and The Bard

Profile Pic_My Name Is ZoeKnock, knock . . . who’s there? ‘Tis I, Zoe the Fabulous Feline, and I thought that today I would open my story with that timeless joke. But alas! It loses something if the one being pranked is not available to answer in the flesh, so I guess I will just go on with my story instead. And speaking of flesh, this story is the naked truth and one I think you will enjoy.

Because, after all, you are here today because you are either a writer or a reader; either way you are a lover–a lover of words. Guess what? Me too! I may be a cat, but I am fabulous. Fabulous. Now there is a word I love; can you tell? My human named me Zoe, but I added “the Fabulous Feline.” Why? Well, because—in addition to the obvious—I love alliteration. I love words!…

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