“I’m thinking of ending things” by Iain Reid

Sounds exciting, my cup of milk!
::::Cheshire grin::::


One thing’s for sure.  I’ll never hear “Hey Good Lookin’” again with having chills go down my spine…Im thinking of ending things

Iain Reid’s novel is not for everyone.  I think that you will either hate it, or, as I did, love it! Some reviewers termed it a ‘mind f**k’.  I have to agree.  It is the type of book, that to appreciate all the nuances, you have to read twice.  Even though my TBR is long, I did go back and reread many pages in order to get my head around it.  This review will be different because I can’t say much without giving too much away…

I am a retired library cataloger.  If I was still working and this book came across my desk I would have likely given it the genres ‘psychological thriller’ AND ‘horror’.  It had a feel of Stephen King crossed with Minette Walters.

The story…

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