Encounter of a Lifetime – Guest Post…

Guess I should support my human the same as she does for me. Truth be told–I like the story!

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog


He was late for a very important meeting. Like most people who always feel like an elevator is taking an eternity to arrive, he pounded impatiently on the down button, even though he—like most people—knew that the constant pressing of that button did nothing to hurry the damn thing along.

Finally! He stepped toward the elevator door and started through it before it was even fully open. And fell into her arms. She was tall for a woman . . . five foot nine inches; of course, that included the four inches provided by her red patent leather heels.

Hey, Big Boy, take it easy,” she laughed as he righted himself, apologizing as he did so. She waved it off, they locked eyes, hers flashing green, his piercing blue. Each of them saw something they liked. But there were no more words spoken. They rode the elevator to ground…

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