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Meet Guest Author Sarah WaterRaven…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

author-avatarHow should I introduce myself? I’m not sure where to start, so how about I start with my indecision? I love sunny days and I love rainy days. I feel young and I feel old and I’ll laugh and laugh, but I too am prone to moments of silence and sadness. I’ll be consumed by waves of creativity, spending weeks as a prisoner of one form of art or another, and then suddenly I’ll drop it and run for the outdoors. I’ll bike or swim, hike, or even camp to feel alive and then slowly make my way back to a more mundane existence. I am a homebody and a traveler; one day I will work tirelessly to make a healthy, raw, vegan meal, and the next day I’ll wash down some greasy fries with a soy latte laced with artificial syrups.

However, my love for life―all life―is absolute…

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BOOK REVIEW – Resolution: Huck Finn’s Greatest Adventure by Andrew Joyce

Miss Tina has excellent taste. Not much more to say and I couldn’t say it better anyway!


book-andrew-resolutionI am a big fan of Andrew Joyce’s work, and I’m here to tell you that he’s done it again! Like the author’s first two books – Redemption and Molly Lee – Resolution: Huck Finn’s Greatest Adventure is packed with excitement, humor, adversarial encounters, treacherous experiences, and yes, exhilarating adventure.

Set in the late eighteen hundreds against the backdrop of the Yukon Territory gold strike, Huck Finn asks Molly Lee to go with him to Alaska.

“I’m not quite sure what will be waiting for us when we get there, but that’s why I want to go; to experience new things, new sensations, in a new land. I want to go to where there isn’t another person for hundreds of miles.”

Little did Huck know that he would soon wish to see a human face – any human face, regardless of persuasion.

************************ Andrew Joyce ************************

Huck and Molly leave…

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Nurses — The Beauty of Seamless Teamwork



Naturally, I was just settling down in my recliner for a nap when the commotion started.

Yesterday I had my Remicade infusion in the outpatient infusion center at the hospital.  I was in one of my favorite spots — near the nurses station and the bathroom.  The room is a bay of about 15 vinyl recliners designed for easy cleaning.  Unfortunately, once the leg rests are up, getting out is nearly impossible.  That’s why I like being by both the nurses’ station and the bathroom.  No need for a change of clothes.

Anyway, as I was settling down for my nap with my curtain partially drawn when another patient walked towards me from the other end of the corridor.  As she neared the nurses’ station, she looked up at the ceiling, and I saw her legs buckle, her arms flap out birdlike, and in slow motion she started to faint.

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Guest Post: Finding that book inside you

An insightful article, check it out! (A d by the way, Sally, congrats on the 11-stone loss!)

Author Ari Meghlen Official Website

This week’s guest post is by the lovely Sally Cronin who is discussing the option of writing Non-Fiction books.

sallyFinding that book inside youby Sally Cronin

Not everyone can dive into publishing with a best-selling novel, and most successful authors who have sold a million copies of their books are a rare breed.

Writing and then marketing our own books can be exciting but it can also be a daunting task. Whilst most of us who write love the process, we understand that we are competing with hundreds of thousands of other fiction titles that are published each year. This is particularly true if you are writing within one of the most popular of the genres such as Thrillers, Mystery or Fantasy.

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Treasure – A Guest Post Story by Andrew Joyce…

A suspenseful story by Andrew Joyce. Visit the Ape’s site for the wonderful resolution to this tale.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Treasure ll

He stumbled upon the treasure quite by accident. He was exploring the vicinity when he happened upon it. His first thought was: This cannot be real. He approached gingerly. Someone might be playing a trick on him. Maybe he was being observed. But no one sprung from a concealed location, no one yelled for him to halt his advance; it seemed safe to move forward. When he arrived at the treasure, he bent down to touch it, just to make sure it was real. After one touch, he fled to better-known and safer environs.

That night he could not sleep for thinking of what he had discovered. He thought and thought of ways he could explain it to members of his tribe. If he suddenly showed up with the treasure, anything he said would be suspect. One does not find treasure of this sort every day. No, he would have…

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FREE on Amazon! DO NOT WASH HANDS IN PLATES. Maybe it’s a sign? #travel #humor #memoir

If you need some serious humor today, check out this wonderful post and…ah….interesting signage. I just wish Miss Barb would have put me in her travel bag. Is that too my much to ask?! (My human says she’s got your book and is moving it up to the top of her TBR pile!)

Barb Taub

I admit it. I don’t get Amazon. Why is this free?

In their infinitely mysterious wisdom, Amazon has lowered the price of DO NOT WASH HANDS IN PLATES down to well…nothing. Nada. Zilch. No moola.

Click on image for preview, reviews, and FREE book on Amazon!Click on image for preview, reviews, and FREE book on Amazon!

Ours not to reason why, but instead to haul over there and get that free copy before Amazon figures out their mistake. And I’ll need to get moving on getting the next book in the series out there. Look for it in December! Meanwhile—what are you waiting for? Get your FREE copy here.

And to celebrate, here is another freebie—a preview of our next travel book!

Signs, signs, everywhere the signs…

[If you’re old enough to remember Five Man Electric Band from early ’70s, I apologize for the Signs earworm. The rest of you are safe.]

When I travel, I realize how much I depend on signs. Here are a few…

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