Zoe and Burt…

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Dear Friends, Zoe here but not for long! I’ve been preparing to take this trip, you see, and have been so busy that I neglected to write up a wonderful new adventure for you. So, I’ve asked a friend to take my spot this month. I’ve told you about my human, Emily, and I’ve told you about my friend, Bella, but I’ve never told you about my friend Burt. Or how I met him. That is a tale for another day. Let’s just say that Burt owed me a favor. Big time. I’m happy to call in my chips today, probably happier than he is to be called on to do this favor for me. At any rate, here is Burt. I hope he entertains you well but don’t get too enamored, for I will be back next month!


Hello, Everyone. My name is Burt. I’m a friend of Zoe’s…

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4 thoughts on “Zoe and Burt…

  1. Hello Burt. My name is Elijah Moon. I WAS a Tom, if you know what I mean. Sorry about your ear – my brother and I used to fight all the time, despite our human’s best effort to stop us and I slit one of his ears in two. I miss him. I hope you now have a human in your life to care for you, even when you wander. My human used to live in Boston, on one of those wharfs where you found your fish.
    Take care out there, buddy.

  2. aw, Elijah….you never told ME about that, geesh. But that’s OK, I am still enthralled by you, just your name sends me! OK, back to Burt. It is sweet that you worry about him. But don’t be too concerned. He really can take care of himself, and then too, I am working on my human. You may hear from Burt again from time to time!

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