Guest Post – Ash from Artful Aspirations

Lovely artwork!

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Delighted to welcome Ash from Artful Aspirations who is going to share the various stages of her artwork that she recently created for her daughter.. one lucky girl to have such a talented mum.

First a word from Ash.

I created this painting from the request of my daughter, Gianni.

I pencil sketched my sun and moon on a 9×12 canvas.

pic-1Then pencil sketched in the details. She wanted lots of whimsical swirls, dots, and shapes.



I then added colour by using acrylic paints.


pic-5I used some acrylic metallic silver for the moon and many of the details to add shimmer.

pic-6Then I applied Golden Varnish Gloss spray to seal and add shine.

pic-7I let the first coat of gloss sit for twenty minutes before spraying on the last coat. I let dry 24 hours before handling.

About Ash.


Hi! My name is Ash, and I am a lover of…

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