Holy Cow! A lot of Budweiser spilled in heaven last night. #Cubs #baseball #humor

For all my Chicagoan friends, this bud’s for you! Thanks for the laughs, Barb Taub!!!

Barb Taub

Pretty much the only excuse for wearing plaid [image credit: Baron1965] http://baron1965.tumblr.com/post/119198657074Pretty much the only excuse for plaid-wearing [image credit: Baron1965] In my life, there have been a few universal truths.

  • “This will hurt me more than it hurts you.” (It won’t.)
  • “Plaid is a good look for you.” (It isn’t.)
  • “When you’re pregnant, you have a special glow.” (I didn’t.) [**Unless you count that greenish cast as I raced for the toilet before whatever I’d last eaten made its reappearance.]
  • The Mayor of Chicago is named Daley. Actually, that one was usually right. A friend who was in medical school in Chicago said disoriented ER patients knew the mayor was named Daley even when they couldn’t remember the date or their own name.
  • Next year the Cubs will win the pennant. (They wouldn’t.)

For 108 years, Chicago Cubs fans have been waiting for “next year’ when surely, hopefully, please Whatever-Deity-Watches-Over-Baseball, please let this NOT be the year our team again snatches defeat…

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