Why are Humans SO difficult to train!

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Zoe Gets Fed…..Eventually…..

Greetings to my feline, canine, and humankine friends! (Do not think that is a typo, I have decided to take literary license with reference to my human friends.)

My name is Zoe and I write stories about life with my human, whose name is Emily. Today I have a short story for you about me, Emily, and cabinets. Kitchen cabinets, that is.

The story starts with Emily moving my food to a different cabinet. I don’t know why she did that, actually, but I am sure it was some kind of attempt to trick me into not nosing around for food so often. I also don’t know why she thought the move would trick me. What is this, anyway? Let’s Make A Deal? It especially did not fool me because she chose a cabinet that, just like the last storage cabinet, is floor level—not that an upper…

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