Zoe Visits the Vet

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Zoe Visits the Vet

Good evening, my friends. I hope you had a wonderful day. Mine wasn’t that great. Before I tell you why, let me–for the sake of any new readers out there–introduce myself. I am Zoe the Fabulous Feline. And to all fans, I will let you in on a little secret: My nickname is “Fast Cat” because I can turn from calm to stormy faster than a New York minute. Anyway, back to my point. Which is that I had a bad day and I’ll tell you why.

Emily (my human) got out the cat carrier last night. There’s only one place I get driven to in that thing, so I knew what bringing it out meant: I was going to the vet’s the next day, probably for a nail clipping. Why did I think it was for a clipping? Easy. I reached out my paw to…

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