Zoe’s Favorite Game

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Zoe’s Favorite Game

Good morning, my friends! Today I’d like to tell you about my favorite game. I play many games with my human, but I really enjoy this one in particular. First, for any reader who might not know us, my human’s name is Emily and I am Zoe. Some call me The Fabulous Feline; I do not disagree. But back to the topic of this story.

My favorite game involves running and hiding. I’ve heard it called Hide ‘n Seek. Usually, I let Emily know I want to play or need some attention by jumping at her legs, boxing them (claws in, of course) as she walks by me. I don’t do that every time she walks by. On the other paw, I do it often enough to ensure she is aware of my presence. Sometimes I do it to lead her into a game of Hide…

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