Do Not Be Serious About Anything!

These musings and messages could easily define the word “wonderful.” Read on, see if any touch your soul.

mira prabhu

9a777a0771ebcfae58de22014c1fa031-1During my stay at a beautiful Ashram in America long years ago, I was consumed with worry about my future. You see, I had jumped out of the mainstream by quitting a great  job in Manhattan, sold my lovely apartment, left good friends behind, and landed in the Himalayas without a parachute in the middle of a grueling winter. From there, still restless and seeking, I had moved around in both East and West, on a quest for that perfect refuge where I could focus on my creative and spiritual goals. But nothing seemed to work out and by now I was truly sunk in misery.

A friend saw my sad face; impulsively, she tore a page out of the book she was reading and handed it to me. The title said: Do Not Be Serious About Anything: it was a message from the guru of that Ashram, who advised…

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2 thoughts on “Do Not Be Serious About Anything!

    • You’re very welcome, Mira. And the same to you! By the way, Krishna’s Counsel sounds like a great book, intriguing, and definitely a story I’d be interested in. Will be keeping an eye out for it. And you know what? I am almost positive that I bought Whip/Wild God and sent it to my iPad….about 99% sure, will have to check that out. I have been so behind on reading, it’s sad!

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