TinkerToy’s FIRST Meet and Greet for 4-legses

PAHTY! PAHTY!(Hey, I’m a cat from Boston!) Come join Tink’s party!

ADD . . . and-so-much-more

Inspired by the ones hosted by 2-legses
(but we 4-legged bloggers have a lot to say too!)

Guest blogger: TinkerToy

© Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, ACT, MCC, SCAC

Found HERE

cats, squirrels, pigs, hamsters, rats, turtles, even parrots and budgies

We can do it too

If you’ve been over to PuppyDoc’s blog, you already know she’s not a real dog.

Her actual name is Phoebe and she’s a 2-legs who is also a super doctor with a HUGE heart — but who can blame her for adopting a great nickname like that, huh? (She explains why on her own blog, so jump over there if you want to know the back-story.)

Anyway, she hosted this big Meet-and-Greet Party where some of my pals and I left links to our blogs. I guess it was a great party for Mom, but not so much for me.

No offense…

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One thought on “TinkerToy’s FIRST Meet and Greet for 4-legses

  1. Zoe, you are the BEST to let your friends know that they are invited to my party too. There’s still LOTS of room – Mom has a really big apartment (with a balcony/porch thingie too) – and I have the run of the house for this meet and greet to-do.

    Mom has plopped down pillows so we can nap if we want – ’cause this party’s gonna’ be rockin’ it for DAYS. I want everybody to stick around long enough to meet EVERYBODY! (even potential blogging-buds who come a bit later to be able to make an entrance – heh, heh, heh.) 🙂
    Woof! Tink

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