7 thoughts on “The View This Morning From My Boat

    • You can say that again, Miss Noelle! In fact, I will do it for you…..purrfect view! And yes, I’d love to wake up to that sky–both above *and* below me!

      • Well Zoe, the only time I had sky both above and below me was when I went sky-diving at 10,000 feet. I don’t suppose a cat would like to do that?

      • You “don’t suppose” correctly, Miss Noelle! At least THIS cat would not! Do you think sky-diving is the genesis of the term “scaredy-cat”??

    • It really wasn’t – I wasn’t scared at all! It was the most adrenalin- fueled, wonderful, amazing thing I’ve ever done and I’m going to do it again. The view was spectacular! Now I need to do some zip-lining and white water rafting!

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