Dakota’s Defiance

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Pete's Poetry

Mankind, I fear is losing

Its leaders, know not shame

They cast aside the helpless

The hopeless and the maimed

Their lawyers speak to justify

Their evil, soulless deeds

The lowly, all but crucified

Unheard, their childrens needs

Beaten, bruised and broken

We’ve thread our Trail of Tears

There’s nothing stood before us now

No greater hidden fears

As history repeats itself

A thousand times again

Our souls will not fall captive

To the wills of Godless men

Sing sweetly of your secrets

I hear whispered on the wind

Talk of tales regaled in folklore

Oh! Let heroes rise again

Tell proudly of the deeds men do

Though their bodies fall to dust

To rise above the ashes

To punish the unjust

Did it ever really matter

A people they forsake

A den of thieves and liars

The choice is theirs to make

Good people truly saddened

Thought less of…

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