“The yellow house” by Jeroen Blokhuis

Just watched the movie…Kirk Douglas as Van Gogh and Anthony Quinn as Paul Gaugain….it was terrific. And when he moved to Arles, my first thought was….what a beautiful house! I’d have loved it myself.


Dutch author, Jeroen Blokhuis tells Vincent van Gogh’s story as the artist would have told it. The novel depicts van Gogh’s life when he lived in his beloved ‘yellow house’ in Arles, France between August 1888 and December 1889.

“it’s a beautiful little house”

Vincent’s own depiction of his house in Arles “The Yellow House” (oil on canvas)

Vincent van Gogh has always been a bit of an enigma.  He seemed to be a man who loved people, yet he always felt himself an outcast, an outsider.  He seemed tormented with the longing to ‘belong’, to be a part of a community of friends.  He felt that in this new place, Arles, he would have more of a chance to be accepted as the people had no preconceptions of him and hopefully they would be more open-minded. He loved companionship, never more so than when he shared his ‘yellow house’…

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