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NEW BOOK RELEASE – ‘Ritual of the Lost Lamb’ by, Charles Yallowitz…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Dark times are waiting for the champions in

Cover Art by Jason Pedersen

Death is a blessing that the Baron is not ready to bestow upon his new toy.

In the chaos surrounding the Spirit Well, Luke Callindor has disappeared and the only clue the psychic scream of agony that Dariana cannot ignore. Knowing that a journey to Shayd will result in their ultimate battle, the champions have devised another way to rescue their friend. With permission from the gods, Nyx has begun the Ritual of the Lost Lamb. It is a long and exhausting spell, which is made even more difficult by a new threat that is out to make all of the Baron’s enemies suffer.

It is a race against time where every minute lost brings Luke Callindor one step closer to a fate worse than oblivion.

Grab it on Amazon!

Add it…

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Authors – why you shouldn’t ignore bad reviews #wwwblogs #bookreviews

Great advice!

Alison Williams Writing


The one or two star review. It strikes fear into the heart of every author. There are reams of articles about how to handle bad reviews everywhere. And most of them give the same advice.

Ignore them, they say. Scroll right on past. Don’t take it to heart. All authors get bad reviews. Not everyone will like your book. Maybe the reviewer had an ulterior motive. Forget about it. Move on. Keep your head up.

Well, yes. To all of these. But also, no…

Writing is hard. I know that, I’m an author. You invest huge amounts of time and effort into your writing. It can be a pain. And it’s terrifying having your work out there, where it can be picked apart. Wouldn’t it be lovely if everyone could bear all that in mind when they write a review of your book?

But why should they? No one has…

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What Food Expiry Dates Really Mean? [Infographic]

Interesting stats, eye-opening information. I was brought here by Chris’ reblog to

ravenhawks' magazine

Every year, people throw away millions of tonnes of food they deem not safe to eat. They often check the expiration date, and if the date has passed, the food ends up in the bin. Is our lack of understanding of food labels contributing to food waste?


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Andrew Joyce

You might want to listen tothis before you read my story.


Michael was my friend. Michael died saving my life.

Michael row the boat ashore . . . sister help to trim the sails . . . the River Jordan is chilly and cold . . . chills the body but not the soul . . . the river is deep and the river is wide . . . milk and honey on the other side.

I can only hope that Michael has found his milk and honey.

This is the story of Michael.

Michael and I grew up together. We went through grade school together. Then on to high school, where together we stayed. Neither of us wanted to pursue a “higher” education, so we decided to travel to broaden ourselves, as the terminology was in those days. At that time, we thought good would always win…

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Personality Types and Writers

Pretty sure you know yourself? Head over and take the quiz, you might be surprised! I’m reblogging now, and will take the quiz later, on my laptop. Usually test INF….the last does seem to change. Haven’t taken it in several years so will be interesting.

Story Empire

Are writers introverts? So many of us say we are, but personality tests show that how we view ourselves is not always how others view us. I’ve been subjected to a number of personality and team-building profiles in the business world and I always find them interesting.

Many years ago I took a detailed Myers-Brigg test conducted by my local college. If you’re unfamiliar with Myers-Brigg, it’s based on the foundation that there are sixteen personality types which are factored from four key elements:

Favorite World
Do you focus on the outer world (Extraversion • E) or the inner world (Introversion • I)

Do you focus on the basic information you take in (Sensing • S) or do you interpret and add meaning (Intuition • N)

Do you look at logic and consistency first (Thinking • T) or people and special circumstances (Feeling • F)


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Zoe and the Blackfoot…

Since my human doesn’t really have her own blog, I have to reblog it to my own blog. Sheesh….

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Dear fans and friends, it’s Zoe here . . . Zoe the Fabulous Feline. For those who may not know me, I am a tuxedo cat—a true tuxedo cat, I might add—and I live with the woman I adopted about seven years ago; her name is Emily. I am a writer, and all my stories have at least a germ of truth, although you might need a microscope to find it. Other stories are one hundred percent true. This is one of those stories.

Before I get to it, I have to tell you about the other major player in this story. His name is Vic. (Perhaps I should not be using his real name—you know, change the name to protect the innocent. Except he’s not.) Actually, his name is William, but everybody calls him Vic. I don’t know why, because “Vic” is not even his middle name. An interesting…

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