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Zoe and the Blackfoot…

Since my human doesn’t really have her own blog, I have to reblog it to my own blog. Sheesh….

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Dear fans and friends, it’s Zoe here . . . Zoe the Fabulous Feline. For those who may not know me, I am a tuxedo cat—a true tuxedo cat, I might add—and I live with the woman I adopted about seven years ago; her name is Emily. I am a writer, and all my stories have at least a germ of truth, although you might need a microscope to find it. Other stories are one hundred percent true. This is one of those stories.

Before I get to it, I have to tell you about the other major player in this story. His name is Vic. (Perhaps I should not be using his real name—you know, change the name to protect the innocent. Except he’s not.) Actually, his name is William, but everybody calls him Vic. I don’t know why, because “Vic” is not even his middle name. An interesting…

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“PIGLET” BEING PIGLET | Welcome to Tofino Photography

Tofino’s Photography, courtesy of Tina Frisco’s blog, captures a precious bear cub. Don’t ya just want to snuggle with him….ah…her….well, whichever!


Meet Piglet! Wayne at Tofino Photography has captured the most adorable images of a bear cub he dubbed Piglet. We as yet don’t know the gender of this little sweetheart, but do we care? No! Cute is cute. Please visit Wayne’s site, like and share (links are below) 🙂

20170506-IMG_301020170506-IMG_301720170506-IMG_301920170506-IMG_304120170506-IMG_305620170506-IMG_3066Piglet by Tofino Photography

Piglet with Mum, Peggy 

Piglet and Mum by Tofino Photography

Piglet & Mum by Tofino Photography


Bear Cub Piglet and Mum Playtime by Tofino Photography

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Chapter Two of Mahoney

Second of five “installments” — a very good read indeed!

Andrew Joyce

You guys are sensational. You looked over my first chapter and made astute observations and suggestions. Some, I have already incorporated into the manuscript—others, I’m giving serious consideration to. I had not intended to post any more of the novel, but then I woke up this morning, I thought, Why the hell not?  Getting input from as many people as possible before publication can only make my humble offering better.  And don’t worry. At the rate I’m writing, after the first five chapters, you’ll be let off the hook indefinitely. I’m not working that hard. I’m too busy out smelling the roses, so to speak. And if I smell many more roses, my liver is going to explode.

By the way, the horrors you are about to encounter are real. Maybe the reason the book is going so slow is not my drinking. Maybe it’s my research. For every ten…

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Mahoney: An American Journey

The human owned by my favorite four-legged is hard at work on his fifth novel….and it promises to be a page-turner–I give it 💯🌟s already. Enjoy!!

Andrew Joyce

This is the first chapter of my latest novel that I’ve been avoiding working on like I would avoid the plague. I’ve got five chapters in the bag and I figure I might as well get back to work after a month of getting drunk, passing out, and walking my dog. Anyway, it still needs a ton of editing, but if something big jumps out at you, please let me know in the comments section. Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta get a beer and go to work.

Chapter One

 It started out as a dream. A dream of a place where no one ever went hungry and fine Irish whiskey flowed from the fountains—a land of good and plenty. But first the nightmare had to be endured.

 In the second year of An Gorta Mhór—The Great Famine—MacMurragh stepped into Devin Mahoney’s cabin, but stopped short…

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Middle Child Cyndrum

The sense of humor and passion for writing was already so evident in this story, written by Aoibha Walsh when she was only seven years old. And proud Papa Peter Walsh, himself a seriously good poet and writer (and vocalist), typed it up verbatim, as he says “warts and all”….what’s a wart?

Pete's Poetry

        chapter 1

                                        what it feels like

hi my name is Aoife and I suffer from the one and only the middle child sindrum it is when you are the middle child and you obviously have to do everything and i have this little sister chloe she is like the most spoiled child in the family and all i have is clothes well a bit more! One day chloe started balling and yes i had to sort her out it took me like half an hour. middle child sindrum sucks, also when I was out with my friends Kasie and Kirsty yeah i bet your guessing they are twins yes they are anywayi was  hanging around my estate woodgrave my mom called me…

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