Missing Someone – All the Time – by Zoe, The Fabulous Feline…

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I am Zoe, the Fabulous Feline, author extraordinaire. I write stories about my adventures in life. I write about Emily sometimes, too; if you know me, you know Emily is the human I adopted some time ago. Normally, my stories are happy ones, and I hope they have been entertaining to my fans. With a heavy heart, I offer you something different this month. A true and truly sad story.

If you have been following my stories, you also know that I have a sister named Jasmine. Her humans, Michele and Michael, are the daughter and son-in-law of my human. They call Jasmine “Jaz” or “Jazzy” for short.

I’ll recap a bit of our history, for those who may not have read my previous story about Jaz.

Jaz and I had lived in a shelter for a short time before Michele and Emily walked through the door and into our…

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2 thoughts on “Missing Someone – All the Time – by Zoe, The Fabulous Feline…

  1. I’m so sorry about Jaz. My heart breaks for you. I love animals like people, and it seems like you do, too. xx

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