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Bedtime Stories

My human says this is a fantastic book. And SHE never lies.

Andrew Joyce

The short stories contained herein are a mixture of fiction and non-fiction. My hitching adventures are true, as are the ones about three women who had a profound effect on my life: Ellen, Maryanne, and Joanie. I can attest to the story entitled Treasure being factual because I was there. There are three historical pieces, Belinda Mulrooney, Massacre, and TurkeyShoot, that are based on facts. The Danny narratives are also true, but written from a perspective different from mine. However, Dead and Wise Guy are pure fiction even though my name pops up in both of them. The fiction stories are a jumble of genres. My intent was to keep things interesting for you.

I must tell you, I never thought any of these stories would see the light of day. I wrote them for myself and then forgot about them. If I had known that…

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A Plea for Help From the Wonderful Blogger/Author Community

Author Don Massenzio

As I seriously took on blogging two years ago, I set out on a mission to do a couple of things:

  • Get some exposure for my writing
  • Meet other authors and learn from them
  • Help other authors get exposure
  • Provide helpful information to the communigy

I’ve been humbled as my blog has grown to over 1,500 followers in the past 24 months.

This is one of those rare occasions where I am actively asking for help.

This is so counter-intuitive to my nature, but I could really use your help as I spread the word about my Kindle Scout campaign for my new book.

It’s really simple. A Kindle Scout Campaign lasts for 30 days. Mine starts tomorrow. I’ll have a general blog announcement about it, but, after the initial fanfare, it’s those remaining days of the 30-day time period that are crucial.

I was hoping that I can get…

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Come and be interviewed

Don likes to be called “popular”….and he is. Join him and be popular by extension!

Author Don Massenzio


I’ve been running my weekly ‘Perfect 10’ interview series this year. Every Monday, I run an interview with an author and ask them a series of 10 thought-provoking questions. As I look toward the end of the year, I still have about 10 slots open.

If you’re releasing a book for the holidays or trying to get more exposure and meet other authors and bloggers, this is a great opportunity. Just email me at and I’ll send you the necessary instructions.

This is a great opportunity and there are only 10 slots left until the end of the year.

If you want to check out past interviews, you can find them in the following links:

A.C. FlorySteve BoseleyKayla MattMae ClairJill SammutDeanna KahlerDawn Reno LangleyJohn HowellElaine CouglerJan SikesNancy Bell

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Zoe Survives…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Zoe Survives

I thought I was a goner. In fact, I thought many of us were goners, including some of you. I will explain, but first, a short introduction for those who may have missed my past musings. My name is Zoe the Fabulous Feline. I own—and I do mean own—a human named Emily. As sometimes happens, Emily plays a small part in this story. And now I will get to it. The story, that is.

I was on a new adventure. I had heard Emily talk about how much she loves “the beach.” How she loved the feeling of the sand between her toes, the sun on her face, and the cool water around her ankles. And, given how much I loved sunbathing in front of the deck doors, I figured I would love to have the whole experience (well, excluding the water around my ankles, of course). I…

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At the Lake

Three seasons in view at the lake today, a breezy, warm summer’s day.

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