Zoe Survives…

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Zoe Survives

I thought I was a goner. In fact, I thought many of us were goners, including some of you. I will explain, but first, a short introduction for those who may have missed my past musings. My name is Zoe the Fabulous Feline. I own—and I do mean own—a human named Emily. As sometimes happens, Emily plays a small part in this story. And now I will get to it. The story, that is.

I was on a new adventure. I had heard Emily talk about how much she loves “the beach.” How she loved the feeling of the sand between her toes, the sun on her face, and the cool water around her ankles. And, given how much I loved sunbathing in front of the deck doors, I figured I would love to have the whole experience (well, excluding the water around my ankles, of course). I…

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