Starting Monday 27th November – Smorgasbord FREE Christmas Book Promotions.

Sally is up to her usual “stuff”….helping authors (new and old). And Tina’s at it again, too…sharing all this good stuff. A Christmas book fair is a great idea; check it out!


Sally Cronin is a steadfast and generous supporter of fellow authors, and I am delighted to share her post. She is inviting us to promote one of our books in her new series, Smorgasbord Christmas Book Fair, to begin on November 27th. Whether a new author or seasoned, whether already in her Bookstore or not, you are invited to participate. Do visit her blog and join in the holiday festivities! ❤

From next Monday 27th November all the four general book promotion posts will come under a festive heading of Smorgasbord Christmas Book Fair.

Sally Cronin's Smorgasbord

Rather than just open to new releases and recent reviews this is open to every author in the Cafe & Bookstore.

This is your chance to showcase any one of your books and its best review it has received.

I will still be checking for reviews and will include as many of the authors…

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4 thoughts on “Starting Monday 27th November – Smorgasbord FREE Christmas Book Promotions.

  1. Glad I gave you a chuckle, Miss Tina…your last post gave me a huge Cheshire grin, too! My human and I hope you had a very good Thanksgiving, and we hope your Mom is doing better.

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