The Beast Approacheth: Weather Gobsmackage #BeastFromTheEast #humor

Prepare to be highly entertained by funny and brainy Barb Taub!

Barb Taub

It’s been a strange, late winter here in Scotland. A little over a week ago, I brought in the last of the roses as it started snowing. Now my garden has hundreds of bulbs poking out amidst a forest of blooming snowdrops. But the geraniums in the window boxes were still blooming, despite last week’s snow, while the delighted dog was making snow doggie-angels. She’s now looking forward to new snow so she can deposit gallons of melting slush and eau d’wet-dog all over the living room rug (the only actual good one in the house).
My friend Tric has an amusing blog post, Help! The Beast is coming about our upcoming Beast From the East, which promises up to 15-inches here. It reminded me of this weather blog I posted a few years ago. Enjoy!

Weather and politics. It’s all local.

When I first moved to Chicago, I was too young to appreciate…

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