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Just Checkin’ In – Guest Post by Andrew Joyce…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Howdy, folks. I’m taking a short break from writing my version of the “Great American Novel” and thought I’d check in with ya.

I’ve been working on my latest book (writing and researching) for about four hundred years now. Well, maybe I exaggerate a mite, but you get my drift. It’s what some might call an epic. Me, I just call it a story. A long story, but still only a story. It’s about three generations of one family, blah, blah, blah.

Anyway, here’s the deal. Something happened this go-round that has never happened to me before. It was kinda weird. And if I may, I’d like to tell you about it.

So, I get up to around 163,000 words and I’m going strong. I got the words, man! They’re just flowin’. I mean, no problem—no problem whatsoever. No down days, unless you count the days I took off to…

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How I got to the #Emmys-Part 1 #humor #TV #Hollywood

And now for the back story…..

Barb Taub

“Want to come to the Emmys with me?”

My daughter called me a few weeks ago from New York, where she’s head writer for a hit TV show, Full Frontal With Samantha Bee, which had collected a batch of nominations for both weeks** of the Emmys. At first I wasn’t sure if I could accept. (What if they find out I haven’t had a TV in twenty years? Will they even allow me into California?) But a quick google-check revealed there would be $30-thousand gift bags. I was SO in.

**[NOTE: If you’re like me—and the other 99% of Americans—you had NO idea there are so many Emmy awards they have to hand them out over two weeks. Of course, they save the sexy ones like “Best Supporting Actor In A Comedy Documentary Short That None Of Us Actually Watched But We Heard Was Super Good” for the second…

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My night at the #Emmys. Plus WIN vaguely themed prizes. Emmys Part 2 #humor #travel #giveaways

Barb Taub

Part 2—How to win an Emmy. Or not…

How did I get to the Emmys? see Part Ihere.

I stood at the entrance to the red carpet at the 2018 Emmys. (Actually, it was gold this year, just to confuse us.) My daughter had gone on ahead with the rest of her Full Frontal team nominated for Emmys, so I was with a small group of plus-one guest parents and partners. The guards at the gate looked doubtfully at my ticket, and then back to me.

I felt sorry for them, imagining their internal dialog. “She doesn’t look like an Emmy nominee. On the other hand, she’s a chubby grandmother in a rented gown, so she probably isn’t a deranged celebrity stalker or a Republican.” I gave them my cheesiest grin and fluttered my fake eyelashes. They scanned my ticket, and I was in!

There was a sound…

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Andrew Joyce, The Man In Black, and the most blog-worthy comment ever! PLUS last chance to win #Emmys prize bags #humor #travel #giveaways @huckfinn76

A true life adventure my human wishes SHE experienced! And while you’re on Barb’s wonderful site, check out the other Emmy-related post….she’ll have you laughing your butt off! Heck, read other posts too. You’ll enjoy them all!

Barb Taub

I really want YOU to win one of these bags!

This is the last day of this giveaway. As I said in My night at the Emmys, it’s so easy to enter—just add a comment with your favorite celebrity encounter story.

New York Emmy-ish gift bag—contains one (slightly used) ticket to Governor’s Ball, box of New York magnetic poetry, handy folding mirror with map of New York subway system, Subway Stops jewelry box with TRUMP Small Hands soap, and autographed copy of Life Begins When The Kids Leave Home And The Dog Dies)

Los Angeles Emmy-ish gift bag—contains one (used) ticket to 2018 Emmy Awards, gold flip-flops, mug with “She Persisted” quote, pull-back self-propelled surfer van, and autographed copy of Life Begins When The Kids Leave Home And The Dog Dies)

To win your gift bag, all you have to do is add a comment about your own…

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