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History buffs and general adventure fans will enjoy this read. But don’t forget the life jacket–stormy seas ahead!

Andrew Joyce

After twenty months of writing, researching, and editing, I’m ready to spring my latest upon the world. I’ve priced it at only $0.99 for a short while so my fans (all three of you) can buy it, read it, and hopefully enjoy it. If you do enjoy it, please leave a review. They sure help with sales. I’m gonna thank you all in advance because I think I earned myself a beer … or two.

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Book Covers – Guest Post by, Andrew Joyce…

And so, here I am…..back to reblog this piece of great advice from Andrew Joyce. Saving a few bucks each week to put toward production costs…who’d have thunk this bit of throw back to the days of old would’ve come from THIS guy?? Oh wait. Yeah….he is old….

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

By now I’m sure most of you know how important a book cover is for selling books. I’d say that the three most important things in getting someone to plunk down cold hard cash for one of your books are: 1) word of mouth, 2) your book cover, and 3) your blurb. However, you’re not going to get any word of mouth unless you first sell a few books, and to do that you’ll need to have a dynamite and unique cover … and a great blurb. But the cover has to come first.

I’ll stipulate that you’ll get people to your sales page on Amazon through marketing, social media, etcetera. But what’s the first thing they’re gonna see? That’s right, an image of your book. And what about the casual browser looking for a book in a genre they like? What are they gonna see as they scroll down…

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