The Two Basic Rules of Editing (and the Rookie Mistake) – by Jane Friedman…

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Today’s guest post is excerpted from How to Work With a Writer by editor Allegra Huston


Many people who find themselves in an editorial role make the same mistake. They think they’re supposed to fix the book. They’ve identified the problems and they expend a lot of mental energy on coming up with solutions.

The classic version of this is the film development executive who tells you to put in a car chase (yes, it’s happened to me).

The story is sagging, the pace is dragging: you need some excitement! In this case, the car chase solution is like a sugar hit: a rush followed by dissatisfaction.

Far better to address the underlying story issues—but it’s hard to do that if a car chase, or some other plastered-on idea, is occupying the center of the discussion.

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