Zoe the Fabulous Feline

Bio: My name is Zoe and I am a cat author. To clarify, I do not write about cats. I am a cat who writes. Mostly I write about life with my friend, Emily, the human who adopted me a couple of years ago. Every story I will tell you is true, or partly true--ok, maybe it's a germ of truth with a big dose of imagination thrown into each story, but hey! That's what writers do, right?

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  1. Hey Zoe – Tink again. Mom had a Shih Tzu who looked a lot like you, but not as pretty it seems to me (before I was born, but I’ve seen the photos), and guess what? His NAME was Tuxedo. He had these wild teeth, so she called him Tuxedo-weedo aka The Wereweed.

    She says I’ll get to meet him and all the others on Rainbow Bridge – but I get the feeling that’s not exactly a car trip, so I’m in NO hurry! I’m too busy meeting blog-buddies right now anyway. Thanks again for coming to my party, and for spreading the word to your friends.
    Woof! Tink

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  3. Hello Zoe! My name is Mooch and I am also a tuxedo cat. I logged into my owner’s boyfriend’s WordPress account so I can reach out to fellow tux cats and say hi. My owner and her boyfriend are all right, but they never let me eat their food no matter how much I mew and whine. Guess that’s why they call me Mooch.

    • Hi Mooch, I have NO desire for human food, never have had. However, when my human is at the kitchen table having her treats, I make sure I get the message across that I want one of my treats too. I get up on my back legs and tap her on her arm. If she doesn’t get the message, then I go to the cabinet where she stores my food and treats and open it. Once she got up and closed it without giving me a treat and so I waited till she got comfortable and did it again. I have her properly trained now though. Thanks for the post, always good to meet a fellow feline, especially another tuxedo!

      • I admire your more patient approach, Zoe. As a feral stray I came from a more desperate background hence my pushy ways with regards to sustenance. Luckily my humans ❀ me. 🐱

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