Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – Spring Showcase – Helen Jones, Andrew Joyce, Deanna Kahler, D.G. Kaye, Alethea Kehas, Heather Kindt, Joy Lennick, Geoff Le Pard, John Maberry and Debbi Mack

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

Welcome to spring….. and there might be a hint of colour in the garden, as daffodils push their way to the surface, but there is plenty of colour on the shelves of the bookstore that I thought I would share with you over the next week.

If you are looking for you next book to read then look no further than these talented authors and over 600 books currently on the shelves.

Instead of the usual Cafe and Bookstore updates on Friday and Monday.. I will be featuring a number of authors each day with their updated reviews.

I will give you their listing which also includes a link to buy the books but also discover others that they have written but are not listed. I include one of their recent reviews for the book. You will also find a link to their website or blog to find out more…

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Mon Amour Chéri – Guest Post by ZOE…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Roses are red, violets are blue; have I got a romance story for you!

Greetings, dear friends and fellow romantics! Zoe here. I am a fabulous feline who lives with a human named Emily. I write stories about my crazy, fun adventures. And Emily . . . well, she—lacking adventures of her own—lives vicariously through me.

As I said above, I have a romance tale to share with you. This story is all about moi . . . moi et mon amour, that is—me and my love.

Yes, I am in love! I know I might have said that before. There was Mister Big Stuff and Mister Gray Shades, and—well, never mind. All that matters is that Zoe the Fabulous Feline is in love!

Let me start at the beginning. Many moons ago, on a particularly frigid night, I was awakened by crying that seemed to be coming from…

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The Beast Approacheth: Weather Gobsmackage #BeastFromTheEast #humor

Prepare to be highly entertained by funny and brainy Barb Taub!

Barb Taub

It’s been a strange, late winter here in Scotland. A little over a week ago, I brought in the last of the roses as it started snowing. Now my garden has hundreds of bulbs poking out amidst a forest of blooming snowdrops. But the geraniums in the window boxes were still blooming, despite last week’s snow, while the delighted dog was making snow doggie-angels. She’s now looking forward to new snow so she can deposit gallons of melting slush and eau d’wet-dog all over the living room rug (the only actual good one in the house).
My friend Tric has an amusing blog post, Help! The Beast is coming about our upcoming Beast From the East, which promises up to 15-inches here. It reminded me of this weather blog I posted a few years ago. Enjoy!

Weather and politics. It’s all local.

When I first moved to Chicago, I was too young to appreciate…

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Introducing – ELLIS: One Man’s Remarkable Life – Guest Post by Andrew Joyce…

Another great book from Mr. Andrew Joyce. And a real steal at $0.99!!

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

My name is Andrew Joyce. Some of you may know me … most of you, probably not. But I’m sure you all know of my ex-dog, Danny the Dog. He left me for greener pastures a few months ago (like six months ago) and I was kinda sad. Still am, but that’s another story.

What I’m trying to say is that without Danny around, I got bored. He used to keep me entertained (and on my toes). Anyway, about then I got to know an interesting character. I had seen him around the marina for years, but I had never said more than a few words to him.

For a long time now, some of my friends have been coming up to me and telling me I should write a book about him. They told me he had led a remarkable life and I could sell a lot of books…

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#Valentine’s Day BC (Before Children) vs AD (After Delivery) #humor

Don’t walk…run to Barb Taub’s blog to be thoroughly entertained (again) this Valentine’s Day. Most creative use of BC and AD I’ve ever!! Kudos, Barb!

Barb Taub

A very short Valentine’s Day story:

I’ve always said that our relationship was based on the two purest human feelings: pity and hunger. Back in our college days, I was cooking a traditional Thanksgiving dinner at our apartment when my roommate Max dragged in a couple of grad students she knew would be alone on the holiday. One was a tall thin guy who didn’t say two words to me but ate everything that came within reach. We were married two years later. It’s been almost forty years, and he’s still my valentine!

Here’s a Valentines Day excerpt from my new book, Life Begins When The Kids Leave Home And The Dog Dies

Chapter 40: Valentine’s Day BC (BEFORE Children) vs AD (AFTER Delivery)

In the years before children (BC) I considered myself a reasonably cultured person.


  • Books? I bought them in hardbound so I’d be early enough to disagree…

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A Tale of Romance – Guest Post by Zoe The Fabulous Feline…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

A Tale of Romance

Greetings, my friends. It’s Zoe the Fabulous Feline here. It’s February, the day before Valentine’s Day, and I have for you a romantic tale to warm your cockles. I’m not sure what “cockles” are—I’m a cat, after all—but I’ve heard the word and it tickles my fancy.

Just as an aside, my human, Emily, was looking over my shoulder and read the above. She is good at giving unsolicited advice, and so she promptly advised me that I should not use words I do not understand. She went on to say that the correct expression is “warms the cockles of my/your heart.” She then further explained (much to my chagrin) that cockles are the ventricles of the heart.

Well, not actually the ventricles,” says she. “It is more precise to say that the word cockles is a bastardized version of the Latin name for the…

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