Daily Writing Prompt: Denial

I love this post! If a cat could giggle, I’d be giggling my tail off about now! Thanks, Aoibha.

Aoibha Walsh

via Daily Prompt: Denial

She sat at her desk, trying to enclose the sudden outburst of giggles

Each one of her friend looking her way,

trying to conceal it themselves

Deny it, Deny it She repeatedly said to herself

Yet no amount of denial could control her

She laughed out loud, as everyone joined in

The teacher too,

The world around her began to spin.

A quick insight to my sudden outbursts of giggles in class. The weirdest things trigger them and once I start I can never stop yet I try to kill them off before they get out. What happens then is usually my face goes red and I laugh my head off. It’s quite comical sometimes!

~Aoibha xx


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#BLOGGER INTERVIEW – Christopher Graham, The Story Reading Ape

Entertaining interview with my favorite ape, and every writer’s best friend. Happy Anniversary, Chris!


The Story Reading ApeChris Graham  is much admired, respected, and appreciated in the blogging world. His indefatigable support of authors and bloggers is rivaled by few others. The Story Reading Ape‘s 4th blog anniversary is April 4th, and I can think of no better way to show my appreciation than by featuring him on my blog. Here’s to you, Mr. Ape! May you live long and prosper. I’m also putting energy out there for you to win the lottery 😊

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When did you start blogging and what prompted you to do so?  

I started blogging on April 4th 2013 after reading authors’ pleas (on Goodreads) for promotional opportunities on blogs. 

What moved you to choose an ape as your gravatar and online presence? 

My Most favourite author was (and still is) Terry Pratchett, who once stated, “The anthropologists got…

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A Letter to Hollywood…


Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog


A New York copywriter by the name of Robert Pirosh quit his well-paid job and headed for Hollywood in 1934, determined to begin the career of his dreams as a screenwriter.

When he arrived, he gathered the names and addresses of as many directors, producers and studio executives as he could find and sent them what is surely one of the greatest, most effective cover letters ever to be written; a letter which secured him three interviews, one of which led to his job as a junior writer at MGM.

Fifteen years later, Pirosh won an Oscar for best original screenplay for his work on the war film Battleground.

A few months after that, he also won a Golden Globe.

Dear Sir:

I like words. I like fat buttery words, such as ooze, turpitude, glutinous, toady. I like solemn, angular, creaky words, such as straitlaced, cantankerous, pecunious, valedictory. I like…

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Enjoyed Geronimo’s telling of his family life and the brief telling of the legends his parents shared with him and his siblings, very interesting. But also….so sad, so many tragedies–and the question is why…for what?

Andrew Joyce

These are Geronimo’s own words as dictated to S. M. Barrett in 1905.


I, Geronimo, was born in Nodoyohn Canyon, Arizona, June 1829.

In that country which lies around the head waters of the Gila River, I was reared. This range was our fatherland; among these mountains our wigwams were hidden; the scattered valleys contained our fields; the boundless prairies, stretching away on every side, were our pastures; the rocky caverns were our burying places.

I was fourth in a family of eight children, four boys and four girls. Of that family, only myself, my brother, Porico, and my sister, Nahdaste , are yet alive. We are held as prisoners of war in this Military Reservation.

As a babe I rolled on the dirt floor of my father’s tepee, hung in my tsoch at my mother’s back, or suspended from the bough of a tree. I was warmed by…

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My name is Frank Grouard – Guest Post by Andrew Joyce…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Frank Grouard was a real person (google him). I came across this remarkable document in 2012. The manuscript of which he spoke was never found, but Frank’s letter sent me off on a quest of my own.

The letter printed below was found in 1945, in the attic of an old New York City brownstone that was set for demolition. The man who found it was a worker on the project and he brought it home to show his wife and young daughter. When the man died in 2005, his daughter came across the letter while going through his things. She very kindly allowed me to make a copy of it when I told her about my plans of writing a book about the Sioux Nation and the injustices perpetrated against those noble people.

Here is the letter in its entirety along with two pictures of the man. The only…

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Dakota’s Defiance

Any friend of my human’s…..and all that jazz. :::Cheshire grin::::

Pete's Poetry

Mankind, I fear is losing

Its leaders, know not shame

They cast aside the helpless

The hopeless and the maimed

Their lawyers speak to justify

Their evil, soulless deeds

The lowly, all but crucified

Unheard, their childrens needs

Beaten, bruised and broken

We’ve thread our Trail of Tears

There’s nothing stood before us now

No greater hidden fears

As history repeats itself

A thousand times again

Our souls will not fall captive

To the wills of Godless men

Sing sweetly of your secrets

I hear whispered on the wind

Talk of tales regaled in folklore

Oh! Let heroes rise again

Tell proudly of the deeds men do

Though their bodies fall to dust

To rise above the ashes

To punish the unjust

Did it ever really matter

A people they forsake

A den of thieves and liars

The choice is theirs to make

Good people truly saddened

Thought less of…

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A Walk On The Beach

I don’t like the beach, but I DO love this story!

Aoibha Walsh

Hello everyone! It’s Bailey. You should all know who I am right now but I’ll say it again just to be sure. I’m Aoibha’s sweet little Cava Tzu puppy. I get up to all sorts of mischief. I’m going to tell you about the day Aoibha bought me to the strand. She regretted it long afterwards. I think she still does to this day because she hasn’t bought me there since. You’ll see why later. Now, get comfy, lie down on your doggy bed or sit on a chair like my human does and I’ll tell you what happened when Aoibha and I went to the strand.

It was half past ten and, Aoibha woke up. It was Saturday morning. My favourite. I sat up at the bottom of her bed wagging my tail wildly. I gave a little yawn to make her think I was a cutie and fuss…

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