Got this email today Doggone It…

Hot diggity dogs!!! I would be appeteaser for any one of those giants! But they look like a whole lotta love, so sweet!

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

I need to get up for work, but my dog wants me to call in sick


A big dog with a small pony.

imageDakota in a mobile groomer’s van.

imageWaiting patiently after a long walk.

imageThe perfect bed buddy.

imageKing of dogs

imageCan I sit on your lap?

imageNot even 3 years old, and already taller than the owner.

imageAt 173 pounds, Hulk might be the biggest pit bull on earth.

imageThis one almost takes up 2 seats on the sofa.


Piggy back rides are one of the pros of being this big.


The chair is too small to lie down in.

imageKomondor, a Hungarian guard dog.


Best friends.


What’s not to love about a giant Beethoven?


Now that’s big.

imageSo cuddly.


Bailey is 130 pounds, but if he fits, he sits.


Big dogs need big love.


Wow, that’s big.

imageLook at the size difference.

imageLet’s dance.


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2 thoughts on “Got this email today Doggone It…

    • I know, Claire! Even if I were a big dog instead of a pretty petite kitty, I’d think those canines were giants! But seriously, I really enjoyed seeing those big puppies. Clearly the best things do NOT always come in small packages. ::::Cheshire grin::::

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