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An Interview With Fantastic Author, Andrew Joyce

An interview by the young but wise Aoibha, with/about my favorite nonfeline four-legged (handsome devil Danny!)….and sage words about publishing from my favorite self-published, successful author (Andrew Joyce)…enjoy!

Aoibha Walsh

Q: Hi Andrew, I hope your days going good 

I can’t complain. Well, I could and I do, but it doesn’t do any good. 

Q: I’ve heard you live in a beautiful marina, what a lovely place to spend your days! 

I don’t know how beautiful it is, but it’s on the water. I like living on the water. When it’s windy you get rocked to sleep just like when you were a baby. 

Q: Does Danny get seasick by any chance? 

Danny is an old salty dog. He has his sea legs—sometimes even better than me. 

Q: When did you publish your first book and how long did it take? 

I published my first book in 2013. With the writing, editing, and finding an agent, it took about nine months. Since then each of my books take about a year…

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Introducing – Random Creations by Emily…

Sharing my human’s art promo, She does give me treats, so….

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

My name is Emily. Some of you know me as Zoe’s human (Zoe the Fabulous Feline).

Zoe has posted a couple of stories about my artistic adventures and included photos of the relevant paintings, that were well received; which led me to think about offering my art for sale.

Please visit my Facebook art page Random Creations by Emily to view samples of my work.

Let me know what you’d like to see hanging in your home, and I will create a unique piece of art for you.

Message me through my Facebook art page to tell me your idea and/or attach a photo, and I’ll get back in touch with you for a more detailed discussion.

If you see an existing piece you like on my FB page, message me to check availability and pricing.

Any existing piece can also be reproduced in a different size and/or color scheme…

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Tell Me a Story Returns

Head over to check out Annette’s interview of Tina Frisco, a woman of inspiration and many talents, and enjoy her original song while you’re there!

Annette Rochelle Aben

Following a hiatus for The Magic Happens Radio Network, we are bringing ourselves back into your ears!  A fresh podcast of Tell Me a Story is up and ready to enjoy.

The original program was a LIVE radio show which then went into archive, however we are taping everything (no more live, sorry) and it goes into podcast for listening pleasure when the time works best for you!

This half hour program is scheduled to be new each week, featuring a fascinating guest and you will be able to visit the page on the site of The Magic Happens Magazine to access ALL the podcasts in one place.

Here is the LINK to the PAGETell Me a Story

So, who is my first guest?  The darling and delightful, Tina Frisco!  Who else but a dear friend to allow me to get my feet wet again in…

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“The yellow house” by Jeroen Blokhuis

Just watched the movie…Kirk Douglas as Van Gogh and Anthony Quinn as Paul Gaugain….it was terrific. And when he moved to Arles, my first thought was….what a beautiful house! I’d have loved it myself.


Dutch author, Jeroen Blokhuis tells Vincent van Gogh’s story as the artist would have told it. The novel depicts van Gogh’s life when he lived in his beloved ‘yellow house’ in Arles, France between August 1888 and December 1889.

“it’s a beautiful little house”

Vincent’s own depiction of his house in Arles “The Yellow House” (oil on canvas)

Vincent van Gogh has always been a bit of an enigma.  He seemed to be a man who loved people, yet he always felt himself an outcast, an outsider.  He seemed tormented with the longing to ‘belong’, to be a part of a community of friends.  He felt that in this new place, Arles, he would have more of a chance to be accepted as the people had no preconceptions of him and hopefully they would be more open-minded. He loved companionship, never more so than when he shared his ‘yellow house’…

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Today’s Your Lucky Day

A steal…! This final adventure involving Huck and Molly will have you turning pages to see if they make it. When the wolves show up and begin stalking our friends, you’ll be turning pages to see whether the two- leggeds or the four-leggeds win. And you’ll cheer at the outcome of that encounter. So, if you haven’t bought this book yet, now’s the time. (Why are you still “here” and not at Amazon??)

Andrew Joyce

You can get Resolution: Huck Finn’s Greatest Adventure for only $0.99!!!

Click To See on Amazon

Averaging 4.9 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

A few reviews:

“I was mostly on the edge of my seat – the action doesn’t stop, but there is so much wit, love, and just plain fabulous life in this story, I loved it all the way through. Andrew Joyce is the real deal, and an awesome storyteller in his own right, right up there with Mr Twain.” — Jo Robinson, Feed My Reads

“In each of his books, Andrew Joyce uses the setting as almost another character.  We see the “Wild West” growing up, getting tamed by settlers, farmers, the railroad. We see Alaska just starting to face those same challenges. Despite its bare bones approach to sensory descriptions, the spare prose and dialog convey the overwhelming and impersonal power, beauty, and threat of the…

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Thriving Thursdays: Fear or Courage? (Guest Post by Teagan Riordain Geneviene)

Sage words….

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Hi, I’m Teagan Geneviene.  Today I’m doing a guest post for our wonderful Story Telling Ape.  I’m here to encourage you to thrive.

Today I’m not thinking about how daring the feat was.  Nor am I wondering how dangerous the situation was.  I’m not even considering what extraordinary valor may have been involved.

How brave is someone when they do something they don’t fear?  Are they braver than the person who trembles in terror? 

Fear can hold us back.  But to overcome fear is to thrive.  If you see a person, daunted by distress, who dives into the fray despite their dread — then you have witnessed courage.

Courage is being scared to death — and saddling up anyway…  John Wayne


Wishing you a thriving Thursday.

Mega hugs,


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Led astray?

a dancing delight of a tale!

Tallis Steelyard

dancing class

If you listened to the gossip whispered behind fluttering fans, you’d be convinced that Yale Belom was a philanderer of some standing. Yet between ourselves, a more loyal family man never drew breath. Yes he had his weakness, but his was more that he tended to say what seemed good at the time.

He had at one point described himself as a poet. The cruel might say that it was a stage he was going through; but I think that would be too unkind. To declare yourself a poet is to lay claim to an honourable estate. I almost remember one of his poems. It was short and called ‘The Artisan’s Lament.’ With the passing of years all I can remember is that he managed to produce a complex internal rhyming scheme which rhymed ballcock, stopcock, buttock, pillock and instruct, in a poem barely two lines long. I know at…

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Insulin, Pancreas’ And Cures Oh My!

A fabulous writer, a bittersweet (true) story., gifted to us by one fabulous little lass!

Aoibha Walsh

My levels are low, I’m starving, I’m full, I’m freezing, I’m warm, I’m everything.

The above are basically what a type one diabetic could feel every single day. For those of you who didn’t know, I’ve had type on diabetes for six and a half years and let me tell you it can be a right pain in the butt. I started out with having to give myself up to six to nine injections a day. Each before every meal, limiting the amount I could eat, no snacking without checking your levels on a blood glucose meter etc.

Type one diabetes occurs when the immune system attacks the insulin producing beta cells in the pancreas. While that happens, the pancreas starts producing less and less insulin resulting in the blood sugar levels go high. This is called a “honeymoon”. It is often dangerous if not been diagnosed soon.

Four years…

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‘Nough Said

Andrew Joyce

It’s 3:07 a.m. and I am thinking of you, my love. I am also thinking, How did I ever get myself into a mess like this? I am hiding in a culvert—a cement pipe—under a farm road I found myself on; I am a hunted man. Still, my thoughts are of you. The water flows around my ankles, and it is cold. For the moment, I’ve thrown the hounds off the scent. I hear their barking and baying retreating in the distance.

Perhaps, my love, I should start at the beginning.

Do you remember the last time we saw each other? It was a week past, at the church social. You wore your pink gingham dress. You know, the one I like so much, the one with the purple and yellow flowers on it. And you had on the sunbonnet I bought you for your birthday. You sure were a…

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