The Last Excerpt from RESOLUTION

Intriguing excerpts. Eagerly awaiting this new book from Andrew Joyce!!

Andrew Joyce

Jim Bridger

He was Huck Finn, the celebrated lawman. In his day, back when the frontier was still wild, he had tracked men through fiery deserts, up impassable mountain trails, and into places no sane man would venture. He’d been shot at and wounded; his blood had marked his back trail. Once, in the Sonora Desert, he went without water for four agonizing days and had almost died of thirst. But he had always traced his man and brought him back to face justice, or if he put up a fight—buried him where he had found him. However, he was younger in those days. Time had not taken as much a toll on him as it does on some men. But all men slow down with age, yes, even Huck Finn.

He walked the valley as in a dream. He would halt his forward movement every five steps. And standing knee-deep in…

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