Cozy enough? PLUS The Knave of Hearts by @daveahernwriter #RBRT #TuesdayBookBlog

Fantastic review, as usual, from the uniquely witty Barb Taub! Enjoy!!

Barb Taub

Have you ever taken a long trip to a completely foreign place where you’ve spent weeks treating your taste buds to one exotic surprise after another? And then comes the day when you turn a corner and find a Burger King. You look around to make sure nobody sees you, and then… in you go. There’s just something so inexpressibly comforting about knowing exactly what you’ll get, the sure and certain knowledge that whatever the outside landscape holds, that Whopper and fries will taste the same as it does back in the mall at home.

That’s what I love about reading a cozy mystery. I see a cover in icecream colors with a cupcake or a cat, and I know the tropes I’ll find inside:

  • The sleuth will be an amateur, of course, and (these days) almost definitely a woman. She won’t want to get involved—unless she’s elderly and knits—but she will…

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