Zoe’s New Year’s Eve…

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Zoe’s New Year’s Eve

My name is Zoe, I’m a cat, and I’m here today to talk to you about New Year resolutions. I’m an indoor cat so I don’t get out all that much, but I have, on occasion, managed to escape the confines of my imprisonment. The warden . . . that is, my human, Emily . . . is not as all-knowing as she thinks she is. Anyway, back to resolutions.

This past New Year’s Eve, while the humans in my household were wearing funny-looking paper hats and engaging in silly human behavior, I made the “great escape.” I wanted to see my friends, Burt and Bella. Burt is a street cat, and Bella is a neighborhood dog and my best friend. Yes, I know; cats and dogs aren’t supposed to like one another. But that’s a false construct, perpetrated by the insidious cartoon industry—Tom and Jerry…

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