A Tale of Romance – Guest Post by Zoe The Fabulous Feline…

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A Tale of Romance

Greetings, my friends. It’s Zoe the Fabulous Feline here. It’s February, the day before Valentine’s Day, and I have for you a romantic tale to warm your cockles. I’m not sure what “cockles” are—I’m a cat, after all—but I’ve heard the word and it tickles my fancy.

Just as an aside, my human, Emily, was looking over my shoulder and read the above. She is good at giving unsolicited advice, and so she promptly advised me that I should not use words I do not understand. She went on to say that the correct expression is “warms the cockles of my/your heart.” She then further explained (much to my chagrin) that cockles are the ventricles of the heart.

Well, not actually the ventricles,” says she. “It is more precise to say that the word cockles is a bastardized version of the Latin name for the…

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3 thoughts on “A Tale of Romance – Guest Post by Zoe The Fabulous Feline…

  1. Very nice poem, Zoe! I hope you have care free, flea free and cat free day! And for your Valentine’s Day, may you know the food of Garfield, the bravery of Puss in Boots, coolness of Pink Panther, innocence of Hello Kitty and energy of Tigger!

    • Thank you, Jeff. If I know all those things, I will be one happy kitty. Of course, I do already have the coolness of the Pink Panther and then some, right? “Innocence and Energy”…?….not so sure but I think that’d make a great song. Thanks again for reading my little offering, and Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!

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